One of the easiest ways to stick to your goals or resolutions is to have accountability. And what better way to be accountable than to have it plastered across your website. So, here’s a revisit to my 2017 goals which I posted at the start of the year.

# 1-6. Book 2 is on pause while I do the rewrite(s) of Book 1.

# 7. Haven’t got my author’s photos done yet, but we’re looking into wedding photographers haha so two birds, one stone??

# 8. Keeping online content up-to-date … … … hmm. yep. Moving on!

# 9. Editing and proofreading practice established – somethingI can tick off! Woot woot! Click here to check it out and get in contact with me.

# 10-11. So, no, no freelance writing practice. BUT, I did suck it up and actually enter a few writing competitions and submissions.

# 12-13. I’m up to running 4 km non-stop and swimming 1.5 km non-stop, so close. Actually an update on these goals, we are signed up for a half Ironman at the end of the year, so that’s our new 2017 fitness goal. You can check out our progress here.

# 14-15. Instead of having these courses finished, I’ve actually started a few more! I have completed four writing courses though.

# 16. Healthy regime, sort of … (see 12-13)

# 17. pfft. No dairy?? I love pizza!

# 18. Does fish and chips Friday count as a themed dinner night?

# 19. I’ve entered an ELT (English Language Teaching) course on

# 20. We haven’t really decided on a charity to support yet, but we give where we can. My family does a lot of work with Heart Kids NZ  though. If you think you would like to help support children with heart conditions and their families, why not head over and check them out.

# 21. Writing as a job? I’m working on it. I do think it’s getting there though. I certainly drink plenty of coffee and I spend a lot of time staring at blank pages!


So there it is. Some of my priorities have changed slightly and timelines have been altered, but the first half of this year’s actually been pretty good.

Everything takes time. But if you never start, it’ll just take longer.