In the last few weeks I have re-read/edited my first novel for the seventh (8th?) time. I am now fairly comfortable for someone else to read it. For those of you that read my post two posts back, you will remember how I mentioned that the lady who will be reading my novel had to finish with her current client before we could move on to mine. Well, she is now done and we are discussing when she can take a look at mine! So that is ridiculously exciting!

In the meantime I will be moving on to my next novel. I started it during NaNoWriMo last November but have had to put it on hold while I finish sorting out my first one.

I was all excited to finally get back to writing … when I hit a small snag. Well, quite a large snag. Throughout my travels I had somehow managed to lose my notebook. I am fairly certain it’s still in the country. Maybe.

An author’s notebook is where they keep all their research and notes for a particular piece that they are working on. So you can imagine my utter panic at not having mine. Luckily I at least found a piece of paper in my pencil case where I had written down a rough timeline for my story. Phew!

Ever one to look on the bright side [not really] I have decided to take advantage of this situation. My notebook for my first novel was literally a journal of my thoughts regarding my story; it’s characters, the world it was set in, things I wanted to keep in, things I wanted out, etc. I realised though that while this allowed me to write down my thoughts as I had them, I found it incredibly difficult to find specific notes when I needed to. So, I have decided to create, from scratch a super-dooper organised notebook for this second novel. As anyone will tell you, I am an incredibly organised person [nope].

Right now, I am browsing the Internet trying to determine the best way for me to organise my notebook. Unfortunately I have yet to find a definitive ‘how to’ as everyone is different, but it’s good to get ideas and see different ways of doing things so I can get ideas on what to do for me.

My challenge for this second novel is to be organised. An organised writer? Yes, well, we shall see how that goes. I shall update you along the way.