Well, so much for keeping my website up to date!

In my defence I did spend half of January on safari in Africa. I then had to decompress, before packing everything up and moving house. While the boxes are all emptied, there are still a few things laying about the place that really need a home.

Anyway. At least my office space is all up and organised (so are all my gaming stations funnily enough). And thanks to every op shop in the immediate vicinity, we are completely furnished!

Seeing as it has been so long, I thought I’d give you all a heads up on where everything’s at.

My first novel has a title and I am currently half way through retyping the last (and hopefully final) set of edits. The deadline for this is the end of February. March will be spent on the marketing, copy editing, and the associated art. Publishing deadline is end of April (just in time for my birthday!). [EDIT: I’ve managed to get in contact with a publisher who used to work at Harpercollins! She won’t be available until start of April, however, so this deadline may be pushed out a little bit.]

I have almost finished writing my second novel. It will be on hold though, for February at least, while I finish my first one and prepare it for publishing.

As I mentioned last year, I have been looking towards providing editing and proofreading services under Lost Words. As you may have noticed, the website has had a bit of a shuffle. It is now geared more towards the business Lost Words and allows me to showcase my services, not just my blog (although the blog will obviously remain).

Speaking of the blog, I have already planned out the next few posts and I intend to keep on top of it. It is a place for me to show you what it’s like being a writer and hopefully help you should you wish to take up the pen one day too. I have been looking into doing some other topics as well, such as specific books or authors, so stay tuned for these. I’ve set up a subscription form to the right (down the bottom if you’re on mobile) which will flick you an email when I post, if you want to stay up to date.

I wish everyone all the best for the new year, and good luck.