About now you’re probably being bombarded by people sharing their New Year’s Resolutions with you, and you might be getting a bit fed up with them … so here are mine!

Some of them are long term and some slightly shorter so I’ll be following up half way through the year to see how I’m going.

  1. Do final edits for novel 1 and have its content ready for publishing
  2. Have all cover art and marketing for novel 1 done and ready for publishing
  3. Publish novel 1
  4. Finish writing novel 2
  5. Do edits for novel 2 and get contents ready for publishing
  6. Have all art and marketing for novel 2 done and ready for publishing
  7. Have author’s photos done
  8. Keep website and social media pages updated and relevant
  9. Establish editing and proofreading practice
  10. Establish freelance writing practice
  11. Enter at least 5 writing competitions
  12. Run 5km without having to stop
  13. Swim 2km without having to stop
  14. Finish my Nutrition certificate
  15. Finish my Yoga certificate
  16. Have a regulated fitness and health regime
  17. Be more strict in avoiding dairy
  18. Have themed dinner nights with the significant other once a month
  19. Research teaching English as a second language
  20. Research/decide on our charity to support
  21. Have writing firmly established as my job (schedule, income, business, etc.)
So there you have it. It’s a long list, I know, but the aim is to put all my goals down then do as many of them as possible. I have an alarm set on my phone and I’ll revisit this on June 30th.