Let’s be honest, with the holidays upon us one of the last things we’re probably thinking about doing is writing. I love writing, I really really do, but more often than not during holiday time I find myself reaching the end of the day, or even the week, without having written a word.

This seems especially true around Christmas and New Year when you are having to plan and shop and cook and plan some more, not to mention all the people who suddenly make a reappearance in your life.

So, although I am usually not an advocate for not writing, it’s okay. Sure, if you can, try and get a few moments set aside for you to write. But if you can’t? Fine. Take a break. Even writers are allowed a holiday.

Although if your “#writerslife” is anything like mine, ‘holiday’ is anything but relaxing. During the break you just constantly get pestered by questions such as “how’s your book coming?”, “when are you going to be publishing it?” and “am I in it?”

So, here are a few tips for you to survive the holidays as a writer:

  • If you aren’t able to actually sit down and write, then try and at least do something related to your writing. Maybe think about, or write, some content for your social media pages, or brainstorm ideas for stories that you could try once things calm down a bit.
  • As a writer, we’re often pretty used to spending large quantities of time by ourselves and having to interact with a lot of people all the time can be daunting and exhausting. For this I suggest offering to do the dishes, or help in some other way in the kitchen. It’s and age old introvert trick, it does mean you have to do a bit more work than everyone else, but it can be worth it. Alternatively, try faking an upset stomach or something and just have to keep rushing to the loo – just remember to take a book or your phone so you don’t get bored (this might also help with your lack of writing time).
  • Now, the questions can get well annoying, especially if you’re having a lot of guests over. I realise that they’re generally just excited for you, but really even the most sane person can get fed up with the same question over and over and over again. So, you basically have two options. The first is to smile sweetly and answer them like a well adjusted normal person. The second is to somehow give the answers before they can ask. For example I have just got a t-shirt printed with all the answers on it.
So, I hope this helps and I do hope that you all have a very merry Christmas and happy New Year and a well deserved break.